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Agility & Speed Poles With Metal Spikes 4PK

Agility & Speed Poles With Metal Spikes 4PK

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Unleash your football prowess with the Agility & Speed Poles With Metal Spikes 4PK – the secret weapon for turbocharging your agility, speed, and overall performance on the pitch! These poles, featuring metal spikes and a touch of innovation, are not your ordinary training tools – they double as versatile corner flags, adding a dash of excitement to your football training sessions.

The Agility & Speed Poles With Metal Spikes 4PK comes with a set of 4 poles that are as sturdy as the goals you'll be scoring. Each pole is equipped with robust metal spikes, ensuring a secure hold in the ground, even during the most intense drills and match scenarios. Whether you're training on grass or turf, these poles stay firmly in place, acting as beacons of challenge and inspiration.


  • Inclusion: 4 x Agility & Speed Poles With Metal Spikes 
  • Colours Available: Orange
  • Size: 1.8 meters
  • Weight: 2kg


Coaches: Prepare to ignite your team's potential with the Agility & Speed Poles With Metal Spikes 4PK! As versatile as your tactical playbook, these poles can be set up in various configurations, serving dual purposes as agility markers and corner flags. Push your players to the limits of their agility, quickness, and directional control. Encourage slick footwork, sharp dribbling, and tactical precision as they manoeuvre through challenging drills. The metal spikes provide unwavering stability, letting your team focus on their development and master the game-changing skills they need to outshine the competition.

Players: It's time to take your game to dazzling new heights with the Agility & Speed Poles With Metal Spikes 4PK. Picture yourself slaloming through opponents, leaving them in awe of your agility and lightning-fast speed. These poles act as your guiding lights, enhancing your footwork, improving your reaction time, and refining your overall coordination. Embrace the challenge of weaving in and out of these poles during training, sharpening your skills as if you were on the biggest stage. When match day arrives, these very poles transform into corner flags, showcasing your mastery and electrifying the crowd with your every move.

If you're yearning for a larger set of Agility & Speed Poles With Metal Spikes, please contact us directly. We're here to elevate your football training and revolutionise your performance. Order your Agility & Speed Poles With Metal Spikes 4PK today and let your football prowess shine bright like a supernova!

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