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Fixed Rung Agility Ladder 5M

Fixed Rung Agility Ladder 5M

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Prepare to unleash your inner nimble ninja with the Fixed Agility Ladder – the ultimate tool to conquer speed, agility, and precision on the field! This ladder isn't just any ordinary ladder; it's a stairway to athletic greatness, beckoning you to climb to new heights of agility and footwork mastery.

The Fixed Agility Ladder stands strong and proud, ready to challenge even the most fleet-footed athletes. Its steadfast construction ensures that each step is as reliable as your unwavering determination to achieve greatness. Say goodbye to flimsy ladders that wobble and trip you up – this fixed ladder is your steadfast companion in the pursuit of athletic excellence.


  • Inclusion: 1 x 5 meters fixed rung agility ladder, 1 x  drawstring carry bag. 
  • Colours Available: Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Size: 5 meters
  • Weight: 0.3kg


Coaches: Brace yourself for a training tool that will ignite your team's agility like never before. The Fixed Agility Ladder is here to elevate your coaching game to new heights. Set it up on the field and watch your players navigate its perfectly spaced rungs with lightning-fast precision. Witness their footwork become a mesmerising dance of speed and control. This ladder is a game-changer, a tool that will transform your players into agile warriors ready to dominate the competition.

Players: Step onto the stage of agility mastery with the Fixed Agility Ladder. Each rung beckons you to test your speed, coordination, and agility. It's not just a ladder; it's a playground of endless possibilities. Challenge yourself to conquer it with lightning speed, gliding effortlessly from one rung to the next. Feel the adrenaline surge through your veins as you gracefully manoeuvre your way to victory. This ladder will be your partner in crime, pushing you to break barriers, redefine limits, and become an unstoppable force on the field.

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