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Multi-Functional Hurdles 2PK

Multi-Functional Hurdles 2PK

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Prepare to hurdle your way to greatness with the Multi-Functional Hurdles 2PK – the ultimate training tool for unlocking your athletic potential! These aren't your ordinary hurdles; they're versatile power-ups designed to take your activation drills and recovery sessions to epic proportions. Get ready to conquer challenges, build strength, and reach new heights!

The Multi-Functional Hurdles 2PK comes with a dynamic duo of hurdles, ready to elevate your training routine. With adjustable heights, these hurdles allow you to customise the level of difficulty to challenge your players and keep them on their toes. Whether you're aiming for an activation drill or a recovery session, these hurdles have got you covered.


  • Inclusion: 2 x multi-functional hurdles
  • Colours Available: Orange & Yellow
  • Size: Adjustable from flat to 15cm, 23cm & 30cm


Coaches: Prepare to activate your players' inner beasts with the Multi-Functional Hurdles 2PK! Use these hurdles to kickstart recovery sessions, revitalise tired muscles, and re-energise your team after a weekend of intense games. Or incorporate them into warm-up sessions to activate their agility, coordination, and explosiveness. Watch as your players conquer each height setting, building resilience, and becoming unstoppable forces on the field. These hurdles are your secret weapons in nurturing strength, conditioning, and a winning mentality.

Players: Brace yourselves for a journey of strength and conditioning with the Multi-Functional Hurdles 2PK! These hurdles are here to boost your performance and take your athleticism to new heights. Incorporate them into your training routine to build explosive power, enhance your speed and agility, and improve your overall conditioning. With each hurdle conquered, you'll feel your confidence soar, unlocking new levels of athletic ability. These hurdles are your allies in the pursuit of greatness, pushing you to break boundaries and achieve feats you never thought possible.

But wait, there's more! The Multi-Functional Hurdles 2PK isn't just a training tool; it's a catalyst for transformation. Picture yourself leaping over each hurdle, defying gravity and conquering obstacles with finesse. With each jump, you tap into the wellspring of strength within you, transforming into a powerhouse of athleticism and resilience.

So, fellow athletes and coaches, it's time to unleash the power of the Multi-Functional Hurdles 2PK. Order your set today and embrace the challenges, the sweat, and the triumphs that lie ahead. Let the hurdles be your stepping stones to greatness, one jump at a time. The Multi-Functional Hurdles 2PK – where dreams become reality, and barriers become stepping stones to glory!

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