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Agility Rings 12PK

Agility Rings 12PK

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Introducing the Agility Rings 12PK – the ultimate tool to enhance your football skills and take your performance on the pitch to new heights! Specifically designed for football players, these versatile training rings are a must-have addition to your training regimen.

The Agility Rings 12PK comes with a set of 12 rings, perfectly suited for football-specific drills and exercises. Each ring is made from durable yet lightweight materials, ensuring they can withstand the demands of intense football training sessions. They are built to excel both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to enhance your agility and speed on any surface.


    • Inclusion: 12 x hurdles of 3 different colours, 1 x zipper carry bag
    • Colours Included: Blue, Red & Yellow 
    • Size: 40cm in diameter
    • Weight: 0.7kg


Coaches: With the Agility Rings 12PK, you have all the tools you need to design comprehensive football training programs. These rings can be arranged in various formations to simulate real-game scenarios, improving your players' agility, quickness, change of direction, and spatial awareness. Use them to create challenging dribbling drills, footwork exercises, and precision passing patterns.

Players: Whether you're a rising star or a seasoned professional, the Agility Rings 12PK will help you elevate your football skills to new heights. Incorporate these rings into your training routine to enhance your dribbling, first touch, agility, and overall on-field performance. Sharpen your reaction time, improve your movement off the ball, and develop the quickness needed to outmanoeuvre opponents. These rings are a versatile tool that will take your football abilities to the next level.

If you would like to order a larger quantity of Agility Rings, please contact us directly. We're here to assist you in optimising your football training and helping you achieve your goals on the pitch. Order your Agility Rings 12PK today and take your football skills to the next level!

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